Landing Page

The purpose of landing page designs with the preferred mikto site form in the digital marketing process is to sell or take action from the user. In this sense, it is designed to have a design and rich content that will ensure the satisfaction of the user in a short time. It does not create any complexity as it consists of a single page and has targeted content. It is mainly used for single product sales or event promotions.

Persuasion in digital marketing: Landing page

Landing page pages, among the most popular applications of the last period, consist of content that attracts attention with their designs that are liked and attracted by users. Page designs, where any product or service is introduced in detail and offers the information they desire to the end consumer in the best way, contribute to the persuasion process with their professional appearance. Landing pages, which should be seen as part of the marketing activity, are target-oriented designs that can be used to display digital advertisements.